East End Market


East End Market
UX / UI 



This project is used as a portfolio piece and has no actual ties to the East End Market branding.  I had seen their branding, website and mobile website upon visiting their beautiful location and thought it didn't match the same aesthetic or polished touch.  The purpose of this project is to provide insight to my design process and problem solving skills.   

The Process

My goal was to create a visual language that was intuitive, easy to understand and delightful to use by guiding the user through the site via easy grid based selection. 

The Challenge 

East End Market's site is a community based site that needs an overall binding aesthetic that matches their actual location.  Their location is a bustling indoor marketplace with multiple storefronts including bakeries, bars, coffee shops, and even a sushi restaraunt. I researched similar organization and learned what they had done with their branding and noticed similar bad trends that followed East End Market's brand strategy.

  • No hierarchy of information
  • Poor aesthetic 
  • Not enough exposure for merchants

Following these problems through the site I wanted to refresh their branding and create solutions for these problems.



User Experience


The main purpose of this re-design was to engage more with the user via the merchant's page. With this new design providing guidance for the user and steering them to browse the merchant page with interest and intrigue, the visibility and traffic would multiply.  Using the aesthetic of the merchant's storefronts and imagery I made the merchant page very heavy with images. Making images the lead gives me plenty of opportunity and resources to use the grid system to it's full abilities.  Using a "gallery" styled page to display the merchants was designed to create an easy to use and comfortable experience for the user when browsing. 



Since this site and rebranding didn't go live I didn't get the community or company response i'd like to see in order to learn more.  Upon self reflection & peer review on the branding & UX/UI design of their site I can list the mistakes I believe I had made. 

  • Using  a grid system for merchants with overlay functionality displaying the merchants titles might not be enough information for a click to go through.
  • The mobile menu functionality & aesthetic could use some work so that it is more mobile friendly. 
  • The Newsfeed styled homepage with events leading the website didn't translate as well to mobile as i'd hoped either.