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Bacon is a better way to fund businesses. Giving quick access to working capital, Bacon’s funding options fit your business.

Bacon was a fun project because it was our own product. The creative agency I work with explained the details of the service and let me roll with picking a name and creating a brand without any initial brief. This was a challenge, but a very exciting one.

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Get the money you need, with a simple business loan.

Bacon’s branding is centered around an inviting and friendly illustration style.

Each illustrated element is showcasing a piece of growth for a business. Small businesses can do a lot with the funding provided by Bacon and we want to showcase the range of needs that can be met with the right funding.

Bacon’s Advertising


With a majority of the ad spend focusing on re-targetting a lot of the imagery itself just needed to re-inforce the brand. The imagery focuses on that illustration style and framing the ad to stand out from it’s environment and placement on the web.

Animation also played a large role in our advertisements for Bacon, we wanted to entice the user to interact or watch the ad, and animation always stands out.

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