Benefit Me
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  • Brand Identity
  • Product Design

Benefit Me is supplement supplier focusing on clarity and transparency for the consumer.

Benefit Me’s strategy was centered around providing a high quality product and to launch primarily on Amazon. A lot of our decisions on branding and product design revolved around this product launch decision.

Benefit Me, Benefits You

A Simple Design

For the bottle and packaging we wanted something that would stand out on Amazon’s already cluttered space. The supplement market’s aesthetic felt stale and dated so we aimed at a clean all white bottle with vibrant blues that popped off the page.

Iconography and its place

We supplied Benefit Me with a distinguishing icon aesthetic that can be used on their bottle design and other print materials. The user being able to immediately connect with each icon’s meaning and understand the product’s benefits made for an interesting brand experience.

The brand guidelines created for Benefit Me were developed around the unique nature of their product launch.

Every decision from naming conventions and branded elements to messaging and tone was created around the curation of well received customer reviews. We knew the importance of getting early reviews on Amazon and wanted to garner a well rounded experience for every customer with an initiative to leave a review and explore other products in the line.

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