Kilo CBD
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • eCommerce Design
  • Content Strategy

Kilo CBD is a CBD supplier for men and women who want a modern, functional and considered design.

One of the biggest challenges with this brand was the name. Kilo CBD. It doesn’t evoke an organic or natural feeling. It did have a little bit of an edge, so I leaned into it and created more interesting lifestyle brand out of the name.

Gain control over your anxiety, depression, & stress. Take it easy.

Kilo Cbd’s new eCommerce experience support conversions through an intuitive user experience anchored in telling a powerful brand story.

The site was designed with the user’s needs in mind. Finding the right product creates the ideal experience, so the product pages go into detail on potency. Kilo uses photography to give the users a sense of relief and relaxation. Sadly we were restricted with stock photography for the project. I stylized the photos to create similarities across the full set.

The brand guideline created for Kilo covers numerous parts of the branding, from typography and brand elements, to voice and tone.

Kilo’s guidelines set the identity standards of the brand in place. With Kilo we needed to make sure the overall aesthetic could connect with a younger audience and stand out against the sea of CBD brands in the market.

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