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Plexus sits at the forefront of blockchain technology. It’s an ecosystem of smart contracts that allows users to optimize capital by actively rebalancing liquidity portfolios.

The Plexus ecosystem will provide liquidity bridges between protocols, while allowing for users to get the benefits of all protocols within a singular interface.

Brand Empowerment

The brand’s look and feel represents the young edge running the business. Their technology is teetering on the edge of new innovation within the cryptospace and the brand reflects this desire to push the boundaries and showcase a brand unafraid of exploring this new frontier.

One of the large aesthetic drivers in the brand was the photo stylization chosen.

Plexus’s photo stylization focussed on gritty and unique abstract imagery with the occasional human element. Each piece of imagery was ran through an editing process that reduced and stylized the image to feature a print like quality. This process resulted in unique colorizations as well as interesting contrasted effects.