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A few things  
clients normally ask me:

What is your typical work structure?

My experience has taught me that there is no one way to do anything and that there is no instant magic pill to create a brilliant brand, design a converting website, or roadmap a perfect marketing strategy. However, I believe having a process - a framework for creative exploration - is important. Our first discovery session will completely outline this roadmap.

What is your location & timezone?

I am currently residing in Jersey City, New Jersey and work on the EST timezone. But I am incredibly accommodating to any timezone and have taken calls at 2am before! lol

How often can we communicate?

As often as you'd like! I have a simple and easy Calendly solution baked into my processes that makes it easy to schedule out calls with me and get in touch. I'm also always 10 minutes away in an email reply.

What is your  hourly rate?

My Hourly rate starts at $150 an hour, but your project and circumstances truly dictate my rate. I'll always do what I can and point a business in the right direction. My consultations are completely free and I'm always interesting in helping a business in need.

Let me know if you want to talk about a potential collaboration. I’m available
for freelance work, and a full time position.

Let’s work together