Therapy & Mental Health Brand

The Client

The Empath owners came to us with an idea. During Covid, one of the owners had a terrible loss in her family and found herself in a situation where therapy was a valid answer. She was able to get assistance through her therapy and she realized that a lot of people in her country (UK) don't have access to therapy.


With no brand and no visual concept attached to the business identity, we needed to start at the base level and establish naming conventions, brand archetypes, and a visual identity/branding to lay a foundation for the business before going after their first seed investment.


Through our process that gets included with any brand guidelines client, we established a brand archetype - "caregiver"- and produced a brand that put forth the desired emotion. One interesting core message was established from the common communication that can happen when someone is in distress. Asking if someone is okay or how they are feeling for the response to be "Everything Is Okay". A self-affirming message that shelters the truth - "I'm not okay". Vulnerability is a key element of Empath's branding and marketing messaging.

Starting With The Foundation

We believe most businesses would benefit from a brand strategy consultation. Our experience has taught us that there is no one way to do anything, and that there is no instant magic pill to create a brilliant brand. However, we do believe that having a process - a framework for creative exploration - is important, and this is what we use.

The result

The final deliverable that was included with our brand guidelines package was a pitch deck that was well received and produced an excellent seed for Empath.

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